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1. We supply pressed and deep-draw parts which manufactured as per customer's specification, and taken care by monitoring the manufacturing process. 

2. Material: carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, alloy steel plate, brass/bronze plate, aluminum plate

3. Methods: cutting, punching, deep-draw, bending and welding

4. Surface: painted, powder-coated, plating

5. Weight: weighing from 0.10kg to 50kg as a single piece

6. PO steps: sending drawing-evaluating-quoting-sampling-testing-feedback-mass production-inspection-packing-shipping.

7. Some products pictures

Clutch guard weldment

Automatic taper part

Sport bottle

Clip&Strainer opener

Corner applicator& Nail spotter

Silent muffler shell

Bending SS handle

Bellow assembly

Deep draw muffler

Slide bracket

Exhausting fan

Solar case

Thread sleeve

Water tank

Mirror polished strainer

Laser cutting sheet metal parts

Clasp assembly

Stamping mirror guide plate

Handle bar

Welding support tray

Bending bracket



Zinc plated fuel cap



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