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17th Floor, Building A, Greenland Central Plaza, No.86 Jinci Road, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China, 030024



1. We have been producing the finished packaged products which can be sold to the consumers directly. Our experienced and professional team can design the whole parts according to the customers' requirements, such as the structural part, PCBA and APP. The parts are manufactured as per customer's specification, and taken care by monitoring the manufacturing process. We also have the capacity to help customers make the full assembly and individual package.

2. PO steps: sending drawing-evaluating-quoting-sampling-testing-feedback-mass production-inspection-packing-shipping.

3. Some products pictures

Aluminum die casting parts

RFID lock

Painted wooden frame

Wooden safe

Fitness equipment parts

Pinion lubricator assembly

Grinder parts

Star wars graflex flash gun

Oscar robot

RFID-BT lock

Tool grinder

Projector water box

Jump rope

Candle stick

PenSimple grinder

Iphone case

Medical water tank


Wire recycle bin

Water heater cabinet


Other products


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