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17th Floor, Building A, Greenland Central Plaza, No.86 Jinci Road, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China, 030024



1. Our facilities are home to nearly 20 late-model electric, advanced hydraulic, and hydraulic molding machines, nearly 60% of which are automated. We successfully supply finished assemblies and sub-assemblies using our highly automated in-house capabilities, which include:

2. Scientific injection molding

3. White room molding and assembly

4. Molding – parts weight from 1 to 1500 gram

5. Thermoplastic elastomers (insert & over-mold)

6. In-house tool design and build

7. Production intent prototypes and development

8. Ultrasonic welding & pad printing

9. Material: ABS, HDPE, PP, PC, TPE, PVC, POM, Nylon, Acrylic

10. Surface: plating, glossy finish, spray, UV, silk screen

11. PO steps: sending drawing-evaluating-quoting-sampling-testing-feedback-mass production-inspection-packing-shipping.

12. Some product pictures

RFID plastic cover

Rung rack-PVC

ABS spring seat

Plastic horn

ABS&PC lock case


Acrylic ball

Mold injection parts

Camera clamp

Bakelite resin part

POM slider

Nylon&Delrin parts

Plastic gear

Plastic spacer

PS chamber

LED lampshade

Mount cover

Carbon canister

Plastic housing

Fuel cap

Acrylic tray

Plastic clip

Nylon gear


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