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1. Material: aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass/bronze, plastic, etc.

2. Process: CNC machining, milling, turning, Swiss lathe machining, EDM, grinding, etc.

3. Equipment:  3/4/5-axis machine, precision lathe, milling&lathe machine, CNC wire-cut, grinding machine, etc.

4. Surface treatment: anodizing, mirror polishing, PVD, powder coating, painted, plated, etc.

5. Tolerance: can meet +/-0.001mm.

6. PO steps: sending drawing-evaluating-quoting-sampling-testing-feedback-mass production-inspection-packing-shipping.

7. Some product pictures

Oil-free guide bushing MISUMI

Control cover

Aluminum base

Aluminum plug

Eyeglass frame

Brass pen

Aluminum clamp

Anchor body

Precise hammer

Aluminum cap

Pipe clip

Hex joint

Anodized velocity stack

SS machining head

Brass housing

Steel gear

Brass bushing

Shaft sleeve


Camera lens parts


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